In whom do we trust?

It has become increasingly clear that trust is a hard thing to come by these days. George Floyd’s death, was it racially motivated or excessive force by police, or both? Is Trump a racist and a bigot? Is Biden a sexual harasser and molester? Is climate change happening due to increased CO2 or something else? Is COVID as grave a virus as we have been lead to believe? More and more questions pile up as we use our own God-given cognitive abilities to observe our world around us, consume the information hurled at us, and think for ourselves.

My main topic here is to discuss COVID-19, the novel virus. All of us have our political proclivities based on our experiences and lessons learned in life. Those proclivities have us looking to the right or the left, conservative or liberal. Which then would have us consume the news based on what prophesy we want to be fulfilled.

I try to be fair-minded about all this and I try to get both sides of most topics, but in this instance, there is nowhere I can go to get accurate, unbias, unfiltered information. Even the stats on COVID infections and death are either higher or lower than is being reported depending on who you are listening to. Due to this, I have to use my cognitive abilities to observe the world around me and think for myself. It’s not a surprise, politicians don’t agree, most of them are doing what they are doing to CYA. Doctors don’t agree on a course of action, and those that speak up against the majority are silenced, mocked, or discounted. We have comedians giving us the news, and we should be asking ourselves what’s a joke and what isn’t. The talking heads or 24/7 news are mostly opinion and telling us what to think than presenting actual news as information and letting us think for ourselves. May people say follow the money, our taxes going to fund hospitals or research in a lab, or advertising money from SJW business that want to be woke based on exaggerated or blatantly untrue clickbait that feeds the fear-mongering, hysteria, or bias we all have.

I understood the need for a temporary lockdown because we didn’t know what this virus was, how it would attack the human body, what is the incubation period, how long will someone be sick, or how serious it would be. Due to this lack of information we were told we needed to help the healthcare industry and stay home, wear a mask, and lower the curve. Lowering the curve was to reduce the inundation of hospitals with the sick in a short amount of time, not reduce the total amount of people contracting the virus. We have done that and now the lockdown goal post has been moved now increased testing, to a vaccine, to who knows what it will be next. The curve has been lowered, let’s get back to the new normal.

I end where I started, in whom do we trust? First, trust God. Faith and trust in God will help us discern what is right and what is wrong. We won’t just have the ability we have to sincerely seek to have it. Trust in the Spirit that testifies of God and Christ and gives peace only as Christ can give it. Doing this coupled with your God-given cognitive abilities to observe our world around us and think for ourselves you can know what information and whom else to trust.

It’s a messy world out there. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding, Proverbs 3:5.

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