Climate Changes – Follow up

If you missed it this the article that this is a follow up to, click here.

Climate alarmism/crisis has been ratcheted up to 11 especially over the recent UN hearings and Greta’s emotional plea. People are striking and organizing over climate change. There seem to be even more articles written on climate change, the alarmism of the collapse of our ecosystem and the need to do something.

I understand that you can find whatever you want on the interweb to support your theory, mindset or your truth (side note: there is no “your truth”, sorry Oprah, there is the truth and your opinion.) Science is the endeavor to find truth through experiment, and as I said in the previous article if we are going to find scientific facts, it has to be over time, through observation and experimentation, not consensus.

The more I find and read, the more I am not convinced of a global climate crisis. Nature will always find a way to balance itself out. Are humans contributing to more CO2  than before? Sure. Is that a problem or is it good for the planet and plants that gives us oxygen? Is CO2  a greenhouse gas? Yes. However, I have not read nor been convinced that and increase to .04% of our atmosphere is wreaking havoc on our planet. There are forces at play that we can’t nor will control (e.g. our orbit, alignment with other planets, the sun, and the earth’s core.) Could the earth be warming, because the oceans are warming because the core is doing some funky stuff? Let’s talk about it.

It was refreshing to read in the Discovery article (linked below) that, “We recognize that as a human endeavor, science is prone to error born of vanity, preconceived notions, confirmation bias, a herd mentality, etc.” It seems that we have the herd mentality happening in a lot of areas of “science,” even in psychology and politics. Transgenderism, nuclear power, cows, greenhouse gasses, republicans, democrats, etc, etc. To exit the herd mentality, preconceived notions and vanity, we need to be open and look at both (all) sides of an issue to come up with the best solution, unbiasedly.

Is it hotter in cities, like Las Vegas (because it’s in a desert), with more and more people every year, more development, concrete and windows, and AC? Are there better ways for us to build cities, homes, factories, and generate power? Of course, there is. Humans are marvelous creatures, who can be inspired by God, to make life better for all of us. We have made life better for each other through the use of fossil fuels, mining, logging, farming, fishing, telecommunications, smartphones, etc. Still, some of these exceptional discoveries, inventions, and tools are not in all parts of the world, like clean running water, wastewater collection, basic electricity, or shelters/homes.

The article from NASA (link below) shows the greening of the earth due to CO2. More plants, more green, equals more use of CO2. If CO2 was a problem wouldn’t this be a natural phenomenon that would help balance our planet and our “warming”. Is CO2 rising a cause or correlation to warming? Either way, water vapor is more of a causality of our atmosphere for warming than CO2. More water vapor equals more clouds which equals more cooling which is a natural phenomenon that our world uses to balance itself out.

Bottom line, we should not abuse that which we have been given, we should be good stewards of our planet. God expects as much.

Below I have added more links for you to look through. I have tried to put together a smattering of “unbias”, left, and right articles and videos for you to watch to come to your own conclusions.

Open your mind and see the possibilities.

YouTube – Stable Salt Reactor
We Forum – CO2 makes up 0.041% of the Earth’s atmosphere
Prinicipia Scientific – Carbon Dioxide Can’t Cause Global Warming
Discover Magazine – What Real Science says about the role of CO2
TED YouTube – Why the fear of nuclear is hurting the environment
Forbes – NASA says the earth is greener than 20 years ago
NASA – CO2 fertilization greening the earth
NASA – Mass Gains Of Antarctic Ice

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